20 Reliable 24-Hour Christian Prayer Line Numbers You Should Call

Christian Prayer Line

Through Christian prayer, you are able to develop an expressive relationship with God, allowing him to enter your heart. Although the Bible advises you to go into your room, shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret, sometimes it is important to pray with other people or ask other people to pray for you.

Thankfully, most churches today have a Christian prayer line through which the congregation members can submit their prayer requests and receive prayers.

In this article, I will give you 20 reliable 24-hour Christian prayer line numbers that you can call. I will also talk about the importance of group Christian prayer and tell you how you can choose the right prayer lines to call. But first, let’s understand what a Christian Prayer line is.

What Is a Christian Prayer Line?

A Christian prayer line is a local phone number or a toll-free hotline number meant to allow people to call in and submit their prayer requests to their local churches. You can also use this prayer line to listen to your church’s daily prayers and weekly announcements.

Through this prayer line, churches can reach a wider audience because they are able to offer free prayers to members of the community who are unable to attend church services in person.

Top 20 Reliable Christian Prayer Line Numbers to Call

Although there are countless Christian prayer hotline numbers that you can call for your daily spiritual nourishment, not all of them are reliable or open for 24 hours. Therefore, you need to do your research before calling any prayer lines to avoid disappointments.

Here, I have prepared a list of the top 20 most reliable Christian prayer hotline numbers that are well-known and have the highest reviews on the internet.

1. 700 Club prayer line: Call 1-800-700-7000 or visit their website for more information.

2. TBN Prayer line: Call 714-731-1000 or visit their website to submit your prayer requests.

3. His Radio prayer line: Call or text 866-987-7729, or visit their website to submit your prayer requests.

4. Crossroads Prayer line: Call 1-866-273-4444 or visit their website to fill out a prayer request form.

5. Jesus Calls: Call 855-537-8722.

6. Victory Christian Center prayer hotline: Call 704-525-8638.

7. Christian Television Network prayer hotline: Call 727-535-7729

8. Morris Cerullo prayer hotline: Call 866-756-4200 or visit their website to fill out a prayer request form.

9. World Harvest Church prayer hotline: Call 614-837-3232 or go to their website to submit your prayer request online.

10. Life outreach International: Call 800-947-5433.

11. Global Destiny Prayer Center hotline: Call 1-888-935-8100.

12. DAYSTAR prayer hotline: Call 1-800-329-0029.

13. TD Jakes Ministries prayer hotline: Call 1-888-868-2497.

14. Marilyn Hickey Ministries prayer request hotline: Call 1-877-661-1249.

15. Faith Prayers hotline: Call 1-866-515-9406.

16. Prayer and Hope prayer request hotline: Call 1-866-599-2264.

17. National Prayer Center Assemblies of God prayer line: Call 1-800-477-2937.

18. Breakthrough with Rod Parsley prayer line: Call 1-800-424-8644.

19. United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries prayer request hotline: Call 1-800-936-6893.

20. Billy Graham Ministry prayer line: Call 1-877-247-2426.

Importance of Having a Group Christian Prayer

Importance of Having a Group Christian Prayer

It Invites the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit

In John Chapter 15, Jesus talked to his disciples about the challenges of persecution that they were about to face for being his followers. He said that when he goes to be with his Father, he would leave them a helper (holy spirit). This helper only comes to people who pray and follow God’s teachings.

Through a group Christian prayer, you are able to invite the holy spirit and power into your lives. Prayer also opens up the door to your heart for the holy spirit to enter and transform your life.

It Increases the Faith of People to Believe God for the Miraculous

Through prayer, you will be able to allow your faith in God to grow and overcome your fears. When you truly trust that God’s plans for you are better than any other plans that you may have, miracles start to happen in your life. Doors that you didn’t even know existed start to open.

It Moves People from Seeking their Own Purposes to Desiring God’s Purposes

Through prayer, you are filled with the holy spirit, which leads you to believe in God and his purpose for humanity. When you pray and miracles happen, your faith in God is strengthened. You also get a renewed desire to know Him even more and follow His purpose.

How to Choose the Right Prayer Lines to Call


Most reputable churches and prayer centers offer toll-free prayer hotlines as a way of encouraging more people to call and submit their prayer requests.

Sometimes you may be going through serious financial difficulties that you can’t even afford to pay for your calls. But with a toll-free prayer line, you are able to submit your prayer requests and seek emotional support.

Known Churches and Prayer Centers

Since there are so many renowned churches and prayer centers that offer prayer hotlines, you shouldn’t risk exposing your personal information by calling unknown numbers.

In fact, reputable churches and prayer centers make all their prayer calls confidential in order to protect their followers. Also, make sure you read enough reviews and feedback from previous callers.

Ask for Recommendations

As you look for the right Christian prayer line, the best place to start is at home. Ask your relatives and friends to recommend to you the best prayer centers and churches and their hotlines. Since your friends and relatives have probably called the numbers before, they can share their experiences with you so that you know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

I hope these Christian prayer lines will make it easy for you to have that important conversation with God as many times as possible every day. Fortunately, these prayer lines are open 24/7 to allow you to get in touch with God from anywhere and at any time.

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