How Do You Choose Your Dream Dress?

choose your dream dress

After a joyous courtship, the thoughts begin to be filled with which wedding dress is even a dream dress. How to proceed? When to start looking? What model is desired? How do I set up the budget? Lots of questions seem to pop up before the big day arrives but just breathe a sigh of relief. Bella, our expert, shares 9 invaluable good-to-know tips!

1. Be Open!

At the wedding store, we see expectant brides come into the store every day with an idea of how they want their dream dress. When the dress comes on, it will not be that wow experience, but the dream dress turns out to be something completely different. So keep your mind open and be prepared when the gut feeling strikes!

2. Do Not Analyze Your Size!

When trying on a wedding dress, the size often differs one or two sizes upwards from your normal size. It sounds scary to many as most brides and grooms absolutely do not want to try/ order a dress in a larger size. The goal is often to go down in size before the big day.

Try to check the online measurement guide or you can find one at the wedding dress shop. You need to wear the dress before to not ruin your special day.

3. Seamstress!

Buy your current size even if you plan to lose weight before the big day. It is much easier for the seamstress to sew in a dress than to take it out. Changes and adjustments are never easy to get nice if the dress is too tight during the test.

4. Buy Your Dress On Time!

If your dress is not in stock at the wedding store, it must be ordered. It can take from 4-8 months until the dress arrives at the store. In high season (May-Aug) you can also count on 4-5 weeks if the dress needs to be adjusted or changed.

If you need a dress with a shorter delivery time, you can order from suppliers like dhgate, Bianco Evento, and Trés Chic. They will deliver in time and have stock available always. Our recommended wedding dress is a busch camo wedding dress because these days it is in trend.

5. But Not Too Soon!

As soon as the engagement is over, you want to start trying on dresses! Start by booking an appointment for a test in the store, then you will get an idea of which model suits you best. If the big day is within a year, you have plenty of time to feel for what feels best for you.

The fashion and models change and you will probably find a dress that suits you even better when it starts to approach. See this year’s collection from Enzoani, Morilee by Madeline Gardner, Lillian West, Kenneth Winston.

6. Set A Reasonable Budget!

Of course, it feels boring to talk money when choosing your dream dress. But it helps you in your choice and saves you from unpleasant surprises along the way. Maybe the immediate family wants to help pay for the dress and then the budget can be a little higher. A wedding dress price can range between $500 to $10,000 depending on your requirements.

7. Put A Theme On The Wedding!

Before you start the hunt for the dream dress, decide the theme of the wedding. Come up with a few words that describe your theme and have it with you all the way. Or why not let the environment where the wedding is to be held reflect the style and become your theme.

If the wedding is to be held in a castle, it is important to choose a dress that is suitable for, for example, a castle environment. The last thing you want is for the dress to fade into the environment around it.

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