How to Choose Ear Weight Hangers

choose ear weight hangers

If you’ve got stretched ears and want to get the desired look, you need to find the best ear hangers. There are many different types of ear hangers with different sizes, designs, and styles. They also come at varied prices depending on the quality, brand, and material used.

Choosing the best ear weight hangers can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time buyer or don’t know what to consider. Below are top factors to consider when choosing ear weight hangers:

1. Size

The first thing to consider when choosing ear weight hangers is size. Different hangers usually come in varied sizes that are suitable for various uses. Some come in smaller sizes, whereas others are large. If you’re a first-time buyer, you may not know the appropriate size for you.

In this case, it can be challenging to order online unless someone recommends the best size or visit the nearest jewelry store to determine the best size. Remember, the size of ear hangers you choose will also determine your overall look.

2. Shape

Different ear weight hangers have different shapes. Therefore, your choice of shape will largely depend on your taste and preference, the kind of outfit you choose, or your occasion. You can decide to choose ear hangers that match your outfit or the general theme of the occasion you’ll be attending.

When determining the ideal shape, it’s also essential to check the stability of the hangers when you wear them so that you can be comfortable.

3. Material used

Ear weight hangers are made of different materials that include gold, brass, wood, stainless steel, glass, and bone. The kind of material used largely determines the cost of the ear hangers. For instance, golden ear hangers will be costly compared to wooden ear hangers. The type of material you select will depend on your overall budget and sense of style.

Again, different materials have different lifespans. It’s, therefore, essential to check how long particular hangers stay before making the purchase decision. Another essential aspect to consider when looking for the best material is the weight that you feel comfortable with. Since the materials have varied weights, you might change your decision due to heaviness for your comfort.

4. Color

Ear hangers come in varied colors. These colors are suitable for various occasions, although your taste and preference can also determine what color to choose. Most people like the dark-colored ear hangers because they’re versatile and can be used on nearly all occasions, and still produce a stunning shimmer.

5. Price

How much you’re willing to spend on the ear weight hangers will depend on your budget. Ear hangers usually come at varied prices depending on the material used, brand, and design.

In conclusion, these are some of the top factors to consider when selecting ear hangers. When comparing, it’s essential to go through customer reviews to see the kind of experience they’ve had with a particular brand. Don’t rush to purchase any brand you come across without actually analyzing all features, pros, and cons.

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