Tips for Newbies: How to Choose a Real Online Casino

choose a real online casino

If you are new to online casinos, then you need to avoid the mistake of signing up for a fraudulent casino that exists solely to steal people’s money. Unfortunately, fraudulent online casinos are becoming a lot more common, especially since there has been an uptick in the number of people who are gambling online.

So how are you supposed to choose a real online casino (and how do you know if a casino is real)? This post will answer those questions so that you don’t unintentionally sign up for a scam.

Currency Selection

If you are looking for a real online casino, then one of the best ways to identify whether a casino is genuine or not is to look at the currency that it accepts. Most genuine casinos only accept one or two different currencies. Sites that accept hundreds are more often than not scams. Some sites also accept cryptocurrencies, like Tether casinos for example, but it’s again worth noting that they will rarely accept lots of different types.

More often than not they will just accept a handful. In addition to fiat and cryptocurrencies, sites also tend to accept payment processing sites like PayPal. Some sites will also allow you to phone up and put money in your account using your mobile phone’s credit, though this becoming a lot less common today than it was a few years ago.

Online Security

If an online casino is genuine, then security will be one of its primary concerns. The internet’s overrun with cybercriminals, who tend to target casinos since they are an easy way to get people’s financial information. Because of the threat that’s posed to them and their users, online casinos more often than not have very robust security, more so than many other websites do.

At a very basic level, a casino should have an SSL certificate. If the one that you want to play doesn’t then it is a strong indication that they are a scam since scammers tend not to want to pay for SSL certificates.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is essential. If a website doesn’t have one, then it’s another indication that they aren’t genuine. No matter where the casino is based, there are data privacy laws that need to be followed. If the people running the site have not taken the time to include a privacy and data processing policy, then it is a dead giveaway that they can’t be trusted and won’t process your data securely.

If you cannot find information about a site’s privacy policy, give them the benefit of the doubt and reach out to them by email. The button to take you through to a site’s privacy policy can usually be found at the footer of their website.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is another good way of telling whether or not a site’s genuine. If there is a distinct lack of reviews and feedback, then it’s probably a sign that the site is either new (in which case you should find an older and more experienced one), or it is not genuine. Sites that have a lot of reviews tend to be older and more reliable.

Always read reviews first before committing to using a site, since they give you a clear idea of what it’s like to use one.

Range of Games

There’s really no point in signing up for a casino if they do not offer you a wide range of games. After all, you are playing at a casino to earn money and have fun, not to have to use the same games over and over.

In addition to a wide range of games, you should also try to find a casino that gives you the opportunity to participate in tournaments. Tournaments are a lot of fun and often involve other real players. The most common game played in tournament form is poker, which can be extremely lucrative.

Expert Tutorials

Lastly, a hallmark of a genuine site is a tutorials page. Many casino sites have these pages so that players confused about how one of their games is played can turn there and find out what they are supposed to do. Many games will also have links to their specific tutorial pages, too.

If a casino site has gone to the trouble of writing out detailed tutorials and instructional guides for how specific games are played, then you can rest assured that they are a genuine website.

Playing at online casinos can be an effective way of earning money. If you want to make a profit online, then they’re worth considering. Before signing up for a casino, however, you need to be confident that it’s genuine. Signing up for a site that isn’t genuine could result in you getting scammed.

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