The Complete Guide to Buying a Gift for a Wine Lover

buying gift for wine lover

Buying a gift for a wine lover might turn out to be the exact opposite of a walk in the park, especially if you don’t have that much knowledge when it comes to alcoholic beverages or you’ve just never considered yourself to be a great gift giver. The market is saturated with plenty of options, and sometimes having too many choices and too little experience leads to confusion.

Fortunately, there’s no rule saying that wine lovers can be gifted only with more bottles of wine. Of course, you can still visit your local liquor store, and looking up wine auctions is a reliable way to purchase something exciting and unique, but glass carafes, monogrammed wine glasses, wine chillers, and fancy corkscrews are also an option.

Read on to learn more about our out-of-the-box ideas for wine lovers.

Personalized Wine Glasses

If you’re out of ideas on what to get a wine-lover, a personalized wine glass might be a great option. Many companies specialize in producing high-quality glasses. When it comes to engraving, you can choose from a wide range of fonts and styles and even add a picture of your choice.

What is more, the glass doesn’t have to be the standard clear one. You can choose something fancy like colored glass, gorgeous copper, an extraordinary wooden set, or even a goblet if you’re looking for something extra vintage and a little bit more dramatic.

Wine Clubs

Wine clubs and subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular and can make an excellent gift for a wine lover. The most common subscription services usually include a shipment of various interesting wines each month or quarter, along with tasting notes and recommendations. These clubs typically offer plenty of great deals, making them perfect gifts for people who like to get their money’s worth.

By gifting your fellow wine lover with a wine club subscription, you’ll provide them not only with a chance to try something new and exciting, but it will also allow them to be more adventurous when it comes to their taste palette, as they can regularly receive a bottle of wine that they’ve never tasted before. Who knows, maybe some of them will become their new favorites?

Wine Thermometer

Thermometers aren’t usually considered incredibly exciting gifts, but there is no denying that they come in handy when you want to save money by buying only good wine and avoiding those that have gone bad or aren’t cold enough for drinking purposes.

There are several types of thermometers available today: some work by inserting into the bottle; some attach themselves to the outside. Others simply tell you the temperature without touching anything because they come with a laser pointer. All of these options are incredibly handy, and they can be purchased starting from a $10 price tag on Amazon!

Personalized Bottles of Wine

If you know what your friend prefers to drink, you can choose a personalized bottle of wine. It might seem like an obvious choice, but several factors need to be considered when selecting a bottle of wine. For example, it needs to fit the occasion, but it should also be in line with the age and the gender of the person you are buying it for.

You can choose from red or white, which are the most popular types of wine in the world, but there are also other options like pink sparkling wine or Spanish cava. If you want to go extra classy, there are bottles of champagne available with an engraving of someone’s name or initials on them. Remember not to be too hasty and take enough time to select the type of wine and bottle that will seem to be the best fit for the person that you’re gifting.

Bottle Stopper

So you’ve already given your friend a great bottle, and now you need to seal the deal? We’re not going to judge! A bottle stopper can seal any bottle and keep it fresh for longer.

The bottle stopper doesn’t have to be made out of cork. It can be a combination of two materials like cork and ceramic or cork and wood, but it can also be entirely made out of colored glass, wood, and metal or decorated with gemstones and crystals. Some companies and individual artists also offer stoppers with engraved tops so that they can be entirely personalized.

Cheese Board or a Cheese Knife Set

Every good host knows that every party must be started by serving some finger food! Cheese boards make for a great conversation starter and allow guests to munch on different cheeses paired with delicious crackers and fruits. For example, you can find a nice wooden board for cheese that comes with a set of knives – such a pair will make a fancy but still handy gift.

If you want to bring the snacks with you, try getting a charcuterie board. Charcuterie is a display of cured meats. It has gained popularity in recent times and now includes meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and vegetables, along with a variety of dipping sauces. Your budget for a charcuterie board should be anywhere between $50 and $150.

In Conclusion

Buying a gift for a wine lover can be complicated for someone with little experience in the field or in general. However, if you follow our advice and use the list we’ve compiled, you should be able to find something that the gift receiver will appreciate.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to please a wine lover. The most important thing is to find out what the person loves the most and then focus on finding something that suits their preferences. The sky is the limit.

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