Top 10 Bohemian Clothing Brands You Need To Buy

bohemian clothing brands

Whether you want a laid-back mixed style, long fabrics, or mixed patterns, Bohemian embraces all styles. That’s why it is still the most preferred clothing brand for beach lovers, rule breakers, free spirits, and party lovers. It incorporates all fashion ideas including bold colors, lively patterns, mix and match pieces, and any other style that might interest fashion lovers.

Also, most of the available Bohemian clothing brands are affordable and easily accessible. Whether you want to buy your clothes online or go on a shopping spree in your local stores, you will definitely find some amazing.

And if you are not sure which Boho brands to buy, I have prepared a list of the top 10 Bohemian clothing brands for your inspiration. But before I give you the brands, let’s start by understanding a brief history of the Bohemian style.

The Beginning of Bohemian Style

Popularly known as Boho, Bohemian fashion style was invented in the 18th century immediately after the French Revolution. It was designed as a counterculture and out of necessity because, after the lengthy revolt, very few French artists could afford the customary fancy clothing styles.

The devastating economic effects of the revolt forced most of these artists and writers to embrace a new nomadic, minimalistic way of life.

But as the country’s romantic culture continued to grow, the artists became more popular around the world and were considered fashion geniuses, with their creativity being expressed through their minimalistic lifestyle. Today, the Bohemian style has become the way to define individuality.

It is characterized by earthy-tones with many colors, graceful fabrics, outlines, flowers, and many accessories. The chic style gives people who want to look different, a simple way to break free from social standards. It is a modest, distinctive style that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Amazing Bohemian Clothing Brands You Should Have

#1. Spell Designs

SpellThis gypsy-inspired brand was invented by two Australian sisters: Isabella and Elizabeth. Their designs hint at the reveries of their Latvian ancestors who fled war-ravaged Europe destined for America but ended up in a filthy refugee camp in Australia. They also allude to their hippie parents (a potter and a leather craftworker) who moved from town to town chasing their wild dreams.

Moreover, the sisters’ obsession with flowing, feminine dresses, love of turquoise, florals, and ancient laces refers to their own childhood. The brand taps into the sense of reminiscence, freedom, and splendor that complement the overall female spirit.

This brand comprises different Boho clothing styles, including dresses, cozy knits, and rompers. Spell symbolizes the real Bohemian spirit, with conscious clothing topping the list of its priorities. In a bid to reduce their effect on the environment, the two sisters are dedicated to using sustainable practices and fibers. All Spell clothes are made in Byron Bay, Australia.

#2. Salty Crush

Salty CrushFounded in 2016 by Madley and Michelle, Salty Crush is designed for beautiful and confident women. The pair who are residents of Northern Beaches, Sydney, wanted to share and sell their favorite mixture of unique and exquisite Boho pieces with soul sisters around the world.

And that’s how the Salty Crush brand was born. It has the newest styles and trends, inspired by the change of seasons and for all feminine shapes.

This clothing brand has some of the most incredible Boho designs, including tops, mini dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, knits, jackets, playsuits, jumpsuits, and more. Also, these designs are all available at affordable prices. It is the go-to place for fashionistas looking for contemporary Boho elegance. It is important to mention that this Bohemian brand is effortlessly feminine and elegant.

#3. Kivari

KivariKivari is a popular Australian fashion label founded in 2010 by Kristin Keysers, nicknamed Kiki. As an enthusiastic traveler, Kiki found the inspiration to start her own clothing brand from the amazing cultures, colors, and people she encountered in over 80 countries she had toured since the age of 4.

“The name Kivari was created from a combination of my name (ki, coming from Kiki) and the Hindi word translating as “Vari” meaning water, river, sea”, she writes on her Instagram page.

She adds that the Kivari woman is adventurous, wondrous, and innovative.

So, her designs are meant for the soul seekers and doers, those who are always in pursuit of freedom and new experiences. This brand, which started with small leather wallets and handbags for the local markets, has now grown to become a leading global lifestyle and fashion brand.

Although the brand started with a single Kivari clothing boutique in Northern Beaches, Sydney, in 2015, its Bohemian designs are now sold in over 100 retail stores around the world. The brand now comprises a broad range of ready-to-wear Boho designs, including maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, and many others.

#4. Amuse Society

amuse SocietyInspired by the urge to bring to life a fresh, young, and contemporary beach lifestyle, Amuse Society is the creative vision of two industry leaders: Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, which was brought to life in 2014 in Southern California. The brand can simply be described as a graceful blend of the opposites: beaches and streets, Bohemian and Rock-and-roll.

From Southern California, the brand’s collections have traveled around the world, giving women the freedom to be different. Each piece of this brand has an irrefutably bold, defiant, and erotic style, displaying a gallant and spirited inspiration, a Bohemian, modern, and even antique look.

These clothes are designed for a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously and who believes that the greatest moments always happen spontaneously.

It is the ideal brand for ladies who love to spend extended hours at the beach enjoying the twilight and the footways of the city searching for the finest coffee shops in town or even the traditional vinyl record stores. Amuse Society offers different Bohemian designs, including maxi dresses to totes.

#5. Cleobella

CleobellaFounded in 2006 by an American couple, Angela and Jim, Cleobella has grown to become one of the leading global lifestyle and fashion brands. The couple drew their inspiration to start a fashion brand from the amazing cultures and people they came across in their regular travels to different countries and their leading mantra “embrace the soul in everything”.

The urge to design fashion items also came from Angela’s desire to transition from being a fashion model to designing the products herself. From the start, the brand’s vision has always been to create internationally inspired fashion items that elevate the values and traditions of the artists creating them.

In collaboration with various artisans, the brand follows an intricate process, creating every item separately by hand.

Therefore, each design is a timeless piece of art, reflecting ageless artistry with a touch of modern ease. Cleobella also uses traditional tooling, weaving, dyeing, and beading techniques, resulting in distinctively attractive pieces that provoke conversation, evoke magnificence, and preserve art.

Their Bohemian collection includes travel pouches, bracelets, kimonos, clutches, pajamas, wallets, dresses, slides, pants among others.

#6. Free People

Free PeopleUnlike many clothing brands on the market today, Free People carries a rich history. It was birthed in 1970 by a young American man by the name Dick Hayne, who opened a small boutique in the wooded streets of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and named it Free People.

The store served as an inspiration to young people in the area who were looking to express their freedom and individuality in the outfits they wore.

As the brand grew, it assumed different names, including Outfitters, Bulldog, Cooperative, Anthropologic, and Ecote. But in 1984, the brand breathed a new life into its original name, which it has kept until now.

The brand has since grown into a more advanced, contemporary brand, creating products that allow the modern woman to appreciate the new clothing designs that cater to her intelligence, independence, and creativity while maintaining high quality and affordability.

Free People targets the modern woman who is shrewd, creative, self-assured, and contented in the various facets of her life. She is also free and daring. From sweet to tough, tomboy, and romantic, the brand is suitable for women who love to stay busy and push life to the limit, with hanging out, touring, and everything in between.

The brand has a broad range of Boho fashion items including dresses, tops, jeans, shoes, accessories, sweaters, knits, skirts among others.

It runs wholesale showrooms in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and London, but its items are available in retail shops around the world.

#7. Rowie

RowieCommonly referred to as Rowie the Label, Rowie was founded in 2013 by an Australian fashion designer Rowie Moore. Right from the start, Rowie has focused on creating effortless, feminine, and artistically crafted garments that exude the free-spirited core of her coastal home base of Byron Bay.

She has grown from hawking her handmade items at the local markets to running a globally recognized brand with four seasonal collections of ready-to-wear accessories, two brick-and-mortar stores, and an ever-growing international online presence.

The brand is a family-run enterprise priding itself on utilizing artistic craftsmanship, high-quality raw materials, and sustainable practices that are friendly to the environment. In fact, some of its collections are made of recycled fibers. Rowie draws inspiration from her many local and international travels, nature, the vibrant streets of Byron Bay, and other women.

Her Bohemian designs are meant to celebrate the distinct beauty of every woman. Rowie’s Boho collection includes dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, swim, knitwear, outerwear among others.


MINKPINKThe fascinating story of MINKPINK begun in Australia, where it was unveiled in 2005 by an Australian fashion designer, Rachel Evans. The idea to come up with a clothing brand was inspired by her desire to design the ultimate wardrobe.

Over the one and a half decades it has existed, MINKPINK has grown into a leading global fashion brand, catching the eyes of trend-driven women in Australia and around the world.

From designing the items by hand to putting together a team of experienced fashion designers, Rachel has made significant strides towards her vision of designing exclusive prints, silhouettes, and top trends.

Her brand has also adopted sustainable practices that are aimed at reducing its footprint and conserve the environment. MINKPINK designs some amazing Bohemian pieces including dresses, tops, skirts, tees, knits, jackets, jumpsuits, swimwear, pants, shorts, and many others.

#9. Lucky Brand

Lucky BrandFounded in Vernon, California, in 1990 by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, Lucky Brand has grown into one of the leading denim companies in America and around the world. From the start, the brand has always focused on crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans.

To have the distinct Lucky look, all jeans are literally put through the wringer for ripping, tattering, polishing, and patching. Then, they are washed by hands to give them the brand’s true personality and soul.

Also, each pair of jeans is given authentic hardware, custom-made touches, and lively details. All Lucky Brand jeans are designed for the free-thinkers, the artists, and the dreamers. They are designed to give you the freedom to dance, run, play, work, and rock ’n’ roll.

The inspiration to design these denim jeans comes from both the rugged workwear of the pioneers of denim and the individualist and slack lifestyle of Southern California.

Over the years, the brand has continued to add different fashion items to its Bohemian collections, including tops, blouses, button-downs, tees, knits, sweaters, jackets, shorts, pants, and many others.

#10. Tulle and Bastiste

Tulle and BastisteLocated in Bali, Indonesia, Tulle and Bastiste was established in 2015 by Miffahul Jannah – a renowned fashion designer, who used to work for various fashion labels in Australia before launching her own brand. Tulle and Bastiste creates vintage-inspired women’s clothing, all of which are designed by Jannah.

Its designs are inspired by the unique uncanny empire of Bohemian characterized by the non-traditional lifestyles of downgraded and underprivileged artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities. All garments are handmade with love and care for unique details and quality.

Some of their Bohemian pieces include dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, bottoms, kimonos, tops, jackets, bags, belts, footwear, and jewelry.

The Takeaway

By wearing any of these Bohemian clothing brands, you will simply be expressing yourself and sticking to your own fashion ideas. Bohemian styles also help you to stand out from the crowd and allow you to break away from the norm and to be yourself.

From dresses to skirts, flowing gowns, shorts, pants, jackets, bags, and many others, you can have a different Bohemian-inspired fashion item for every occasion.

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