Blended Families: 9 Special Ways To Include The Kids In Your Wedding

blended families

Blending a family can be tricky to navigate, and it is essential to put care into the relationship between parents, stepparents and kids to ensure everyone is happy. It can often take time for a blended family to get into step with one another, but it will be well worth the time and effort taken.

Including the kids and step-kids in the wedding can be a great way to show them and others that you’re serious about all being one family. There are plenty of ways you can include all the kids in your wedding, from giving them crucial parts in the ceremony itself to getting their help making key wedding decisions.

1. Include Them In Your Wedding Party

This first option is one of the classics, and nothing says ‘united front’ like you, your partner, kids and stepchildren all take center stage at the wedding itself. The roles the kids could play will depend on their age and willingness, of course, but there are plenty of choices from ring bearers to bridesmaids to groomsmen.

Talk to your kids and step-kids about the roles they could play in the wedding, and whatever you do, avoid showing favoritism to anyone. If possible, you could even let them choose their own roles for the wedding or create a new unique role just for them.

2. Bring Them Cake Tasting

Who better to go cake tasting with than kids? This is an activity that they could all enjoy, from the youngest to the eldest. Make sure to have a wide range of cakes available and plenty for the kids to taste. Try and choose the cake that most of you enjoy, which can be a monumental task in itself. Consider using a voting system to make the final choice, or choose your favorite – after all, it is your wedding!

3. Add Them To The Cake Topper

Cake toppers have become a way for couples to show their individuality on their wedding day. Instead of the classic wedding couple cake topper, you can see toppers with additional family members and even pets. Adding all your kids – step and biological – to your cake topper sends a message that you are a committed and united family.

4. Let Them Help With The Invites

The invites are a vital part of any wedding, giving loved ones important information about the event and showing the tone that the wedding will take. Any wedding with kids involved will be more on the playful side than the sophisticated, so getting their help with writing the invitations and save the dates can be an excellent choice.

You can sit down together and produce the best wording to start the wedding on the right foot. Consider getting a contribution from each child and then placing them together and smoothing out the tone and content. For some help and inspiration, look at Greenvelope’s guide to save the date wording.

5. Give Them Disposable Cameras

Photos are a crucial part of any wedding day and getting as many as possible is vital. A great way to make special memories and ensure the kids feel included is by giving them disposable cameras to take shots throughout the day. After the wedding, you can get these developed and make each kid their own personalized wedding photo album.

6. Get Plenty Of Family Photos

In addition to disposable cameras, it is crucial that all the kids get some quality time in front of the professional wedding photographer’s lens. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, consider looking at people who have shot blended family weddings before. Consider how original and interesting their photos are, and make sure the photographer knows that blended family shots are essential.

7. Plan The Wedding Breakfast With Them

Getting the kids involved in planning the wedding meal can be a fantastic way to help them get excited for the big day. Many kids are fussy eaters but having a hand in what is served can be an excellent way to encourage them to eat the wedding meal. You could even consider having a kids’ menu alongside the grown-up menu and let them have total control over what is served.

8. Buy Them A Special Gift

As the married couple, you’ll likely get plenty of gifts before the big day. For younger kids particularly, this may create feelings of being left out. An easy solution is to give all the children a gift on your wedding day. It could be a special piece of jewelry to wear with their wedding outfit or a toy they’ve wanted for a while. What is important is that they feel valued and included on the big day.

9. Let Them Be A Deciding Vote

Making decisions for a wedding can feel like an endless task, and when you and your partner are deadlocked on a choice, it can be tricky to know how best to resolve it. Having your kids and step-kids be the deciding vote can be a wonderful way to make them feel included and valued throughout the wedding planning process. Consider a turn-based system so that each child gets to make a decision in your wedding.

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