10 Black Chicken Breeds You Can Easily Raise

While there are many chicken breeds you can raise, the black chicken should be on your list. Why? Well, the most prominent reason is that they make a fashion statement on your farm.

Their feathers and skin are shiny and black, making them a perfect pick for those who want to raise chickens simply for their beautiful looks. They easily stand out from the rest of the flock and are pretty good for eggs and meat. They’ll lay eggs frequently, especially during the summer months or if they are in a free-range setting.

If you are looking to add some variety into your backyard, why not consider black chicken breeds? Some of them will look cool in an outdoor coop and may even be great for showing off at the fairs!

10 Different Types of Black Chicken Breeds

There are many black chicken breeds available for people who want to raise black chickens. Here’s a list of some of the most popular black chicken breeds below with information on their egg production, friendliness, meat quality, and more!

1. Orpington


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They are highly recommended as a first-time chicken owner’s pick for a lovely, full-bodied fowl. The Orpington breed originated from England and is often used as a dual-purpose type of chicken since they lay eggs and produce good meat value. They are hardy in climates with extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for those in more rugged areas.

The chicken can also be a good pet due to its docile and gentle nature. They lay around 150 and 300 eggs each year.

Orpingtons are foragers meaning that they can find their food, and therefore you’ll need to feed them less than other chickens.

2. La Fleche

La Fleche

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The La Fleche chicken is an unusual breed that originated from La Fleche, France. The chicken breed is a good choice for meat and egg production. The chicken is black with a comb similar to two horns. The bird is best for meat production due to its incredible taste. The disadvantage of rearing this bird is that it takes ten months to mature fully.

3. Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani

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Ayam Cemani is one of the most expensive and unique black chickens. Its feathers, skin, and internal organs are black. The breed originated from Indonesia and is mainly raised for meat, but it’s also believed to have magical powers and a good luck allure.

The Indonesians use the bird in various ceremonies as it is believed to communicate with the deceased through its magical powers

The cost of the chicken can be up to $1,000. You can raise the bird for both eggs and meat. The eggs are average in size and with a cream color. The bird has a different pattern of laying eggs, where the bird can lay twenty eggs then stops for a while before laying more eggs. This bird can lay about 80 eggs in a year.

4. Silkies


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Silkies are friendly and docile and the best birds to have as pets, especially for families with kids. These birds are famous for their extraordinary mothering abilities. Unlike other birds, they lay few eggs in a week.

The bird originated from China and ended up becoming popular worldwide. The birds come in different shades of solid white, solid black, and brown. Silkies chicken have black skin, blue eyes, and feathered feet.

The birds are usually smaller than other breeds and cannot fly. They can only survive in warm climates and die during cold and wet weather. Silkies feathers cannot repel water efficiently, and therefore one should be prepared to dry them off as staying wet can make them sick.

5. Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant

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One of the largest breeds you will ever see, Jersey Giant hens grow to 8-9lb, and roosters grow to 11-13lb. They are raised for meat and eggs and can lay three extra-large brown eggs per week at around six months old. Jersey Giants are gentle giants, making them excellent family birds because they are docile and easy to keep.

6. Black Java

Black Java

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Known as the second oldest American chicken breed, Black Javas are responsible for helping create both Plymouth Rock chickens and Jersey Giants. These hardy birds grow up to 6-9 pounds while also providing a decent number of eggs each year.

The solid black Java chicken has a unique green sheen on its feathers. Despite being free-range poultry, they do not require human care or housing like many domesticated animals need today.

7. Australorp


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The Black Australorp is an Australian breed of chicken bred for both egg-laying and meat production. They are dual-purpose utility chickens, meaning that you’ll make money from selling their eggs as well as meat! The average weight of these birds is around 6 pounds 8 ounces.

Their solid black feathers are gleaming, making them stunning to look at. They are docile and easy to train as pets; they can even eat out of your hand. The hens produce about 200 – 280 eggs annually.

8. Black Sumatra

Black Sumatra

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The Black Sumatra is a small and regal-looking chicken with a solid black plumage with a beautifully stunning long tail! This bird’s unique looks will undoubtedly be an engaging conversation topic among visitors to your farm.

Black Sumatra chickens are relatively small birds, weighing only 4-5 pounds, even when fully grown. Their frames aren’t suited for meat production, but they’re decent egg layers.

9. Minorca


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The Black Minorca is a large breed of chicken that originates from Spain. They are also known as the Red-Faced Black Chicken.  They are one of the largest chicken breeds, weighing around 7.5 to 9 pounds. Despite their size, they are not suitable for meat production due to their lack of proper texture and flavor.

They are typically friendly but aren’t fond of sitting on their eggs. However, they lay excellent quality eggs with a beautiful appearance to boot!

10. Langshan


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The Langshan chicken is a stylish, docile breed of chickens that originated in China. Most poultry suppliers do not sell these birds because they are rare, and it’s hard to find them at hatcheries as well.

This particular chicken can lay up to around 100 eggs per year with an average of 5 pounds when fully grown.

How to Choose Your Black Chicken Breeds

How to Choose

Black chicken breeds are suited for various purposes, which can be overwhelming when deciding what might work best for your farm. Each species has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a few factors to consider before choosing the perfect black chicken breed.

1. Egg Color

The fascinating thing about black chicken breeds is that they lay eggs in different colors. Most chickens produce brown or white-colored eggs, but certain species like the Black Australorp lay different types of distinct color patterns like olive green eggs, pink or cream-colored eggs.

2. Personality

When considering the type of chicken you want, make sure to take their personality into account. If you have small kids and want a friendly flock, Silkies and Australops would be the best choice. These breeds of chickens are known for their docile and friendly nature.

3. Egg Production

All black chickens produce eggs, but they vary in production and size. If you are looking for maximum egg production, you can consider Australorp, Sumatra, Langshan, and Orpington.

Pros and Cons of Raising Black Chickens

Raising Black Chickens

If you are considering adding black chickens to your farm, then consider the following Pros and cons.


  • Perfect For Shows and Events

If you are interested in raising chickens for ornamental purposes, then a black chicken breed is the best choice. You can raise black chickens for poultry shows due to their unique nature, friendliness, and appearance.

  • Black Chicken Meat Is Healthy and Tasty

Black chickens’ meat promotes body health. It contains an antioxidant that protects the body from inflammation and prevents disease-causing cells in our bodies. Black chickens also have more carnosine than white hens.

  • Less Prone to Diseases

The good thing about black chickens is that they are more robust than other types of chickens in terms of resistance to various diseases.


  • Black Chickens Are Rare

Some black chicken breeds can be hard to find from local hatcheries. Actually, in some areas, their purchase is restricted.

  • They Are Expensive

Black hens tend to have higher prices than certain other breeds due to their rarity. Other than being rare, many black chicken breeds don’t lay as many eggs as other normal chicken breeds.

Where to Buy Black Chicken Breeds

Where to Buy

As we have highlighted above, black chicken breeds are some of the rarest and most exotic types of chicken that you can buy. You might have difficulty finding them because they’re not always available at regular hatcheries.

Here are some places where you can go to get your very own black chicken breeds.

1. The Internet

The Internet is a great way to find the best black chicken breeds, and you’ll never have trouble finding one that suits your needs. However there are some risks in buying from an unknown seller on Craigslist or other classifieds sites so make sure they’re reputable sellers before buying their chickens!

2. Local Coops

Ask around your local community if anyone has black chickens. It’s possible that someone may have some laying hens for sale at a reasonable price. If you know of a local poultry show, then you can also find good deals on chicks there.

3. Breeders

You can purchase black chicken breeds from a breeder if you’re willing to pay the price. These birds will come vaccinated and debeaked, and may even be sexed.

4. Raffle and Auctions

You can also win black chicken breeds at a raffle or an auction, but don’t expect to get them very cheap. Usually, these types of auctions are for rich people who enjoy collecting chickens as a hobby.

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