11 Amazing Baby Shower Themes for Boys


The best way to celebrate a mom-to-be is to throw her a beautifully planned baby shower party with all the important touches of personality, elements of fun, and tasty puddings to create an extraordinary event and memories that will last forever. If you are looking for the best baby shower ideas, here are 11 amazing baby shower themes for boys to inspire you.

What Is a Good Baby Shower Theme?

Apart from equipping the mother-to-be with some of the essential baby items that she will need when the baby comes, a baby shower should also make her feel loved and appreciated for her efforts to bring forth the new bundle of joy. Therefore, the overall baby shower theme should be centered around her personality.

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The color schemes, décor elements, food, and activities should be based on the preferences of the mother-to-be. Fortunately, modern baby shower themes are more versatile and focused on fun.

So, as the event planner, you have the flexibility and freedom to exercise creativity and come up with ideas that will match everybody’s preferences.

Whatever baby shower ideas you choose, make sure the overall theme serves as the anchor for the event’s décor, food, and activities. It should also provide the guests with specific directions on what the mother-to-be needs, and what matches her values.

Remember that most modern mothers-to-be don’t want to forgo their identities and lifestyles just because they’ve become parents. So, feel free to think outside the box.

What Does a Good Baby Shower Theme Need?

Most baby showers include gift opening, eating, drinking, photo sessions, and other fun activities. So, you have to choose a baby shower theme that matches all these activities.

The success of your baby shower party theme also depends on the venue you choose. When you are choosing a venue, you need to consider the season, number of invitees, and your budget.

What Does a Good Baby Shower Theme Need

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A good baby shower theme also needs to have the right décor elements. Although there are so many decorations that you can choose for your baby shower, you need to make sure that the items you choose match the interests and personality of the mother-to-be. Also, ensure that the colors you pick add to the overall theme of the party.

When you are inviting guests to your baby shower, make it clear to them the type of colors they should wear so that their dress code matches the overall theme of the event.

This also should apply to the catering team, photographers, bartenders, stewards, and everybody else at the party. Colors are important because they set the tone and mood of the party.

11 Amazing Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Unique Baby Shower Themes for Boys

#1. Hungry Caterpillar Baby Boy Shower Theme

Hungry Caterpillar Baby Boy Shower Theme

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This baby shower theme is based on the classic kid’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, which features a very hungry caterpillar who devours various foodstuffs before it metamorphosis into a butterfly. This theme is perfect for a baby boy. It includes homemade carrot patch cupcake treats that will definitely please your guests.

You can pair the carrot patch cupcakes with beautiful invitation cards, goodie bags with the hungry caterpillar cookies, a welcome sign, and creative printable table decorations.

Make sure all these décor elements feature the same colors and patterns for a flawless baby shower theme. You can make the party livelier by asking your guests to challenge each other in painting caterpillars.

#2. Up Balloon Baby Boy Shower Theme

Up Balloon Baby Boy Shower Theme

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This theme is inspired by the classic Disney movie “Up”. It is the perfect way to celebrate the greatest achievement on earth — being a mother. A whimsical Up-themed baby shower for your unborn son is the best way to make merry before the due date.

Some of the games that your guests can play include protect my balloon, balloon waddle races, and many more.

As a first-timer, you can choose a cross-stitch pattern as the favorite gift. You can also pair it with some good-looking invitation cards, a DIY balloon chaplet, Up balloon cookies, and other gift ideas whose colors and patterns match the overall theme of the party.

#3. Circus Baby Boy Shower Theme

Circus Baby Boy Shower Theme

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If you are looking for a unique theme for your boy’s baby shower, then you should consider using some vintage ticket-inspired circus invitations. This is one of the most distinctive ways to welcome friends and relatives to your party.

There are many circus games that your guests can play, including balloon shoots, ping pong toss, among others.

When the guests arrive, consider serving them some delicious potato drams in paper cones. These cones can be displayed in mason jars and placed in vintage soda crates to bring out the antique appeal. Your tabletops can be decorated with big top garlands.

#4. Adventure Baby Boy Shower Theme

adventure baby shower theme

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Parenthood is the best adventure that a woman can ever have in her life. That’s why a globe-exploring adventure-themed baby boy shower party is the perfect gift you can give to a mother-to-be. Such a theme can have mason jars wrapped with maps of different destinations that the parents-to-be would love to travel to.

Then these mason jars should be placed on different tables to allow guests to fill them with words of hope, wisdom, and encouragement written on advice cards. You can also use travel shortbread cookies to welcome the guests. Make sure the colors match the theme of the part.

#5. Mustache Baby Boy Shower Theme

Mustache Baby Shower Theme

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A mustache-themed baby shower is a perfect way to get your guests cracking the moment they walk into the venue. It is a simple but funny baby shower theme that makes for a horde of hilarious photo ops.

You can also decorate your venue with colorful balloons and drapes. Make sure the decorations you place on your tables have colors and patterns that match the drapes and balloons for a perfect theme.

Cute Baby Shower Themes for Boys

#6. Nautical Baby Boy Shower Theme

Nautical Baby Boy Shower Theme

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This baby boy shower theme includes sailboats, anchors, whales, and other colorful decorative items that can help you bring out the nautical theme perfectly. For this type of theme, it is important to use shades of blue, white, and gray because they are known to be the best colors to create a classic, chic aesthetic.

If there is a cake, make sure it comes in the same colors. The guests can pretend to be sailors or anglers just to make the party more enjoyable.

#7. Cowboy Baby Boy Shower Theme

Cowboy Baby Boy Shower Theme

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This cowboy baby shower theme is a perfect way to celebrate the parents-to-be. It doesn’t matter if the parents are the dig westerners or outdoorsy types, this theme fits every setup. You just need to incorporate some simple cowboy hats, cowboy boots, bales of hay, and country music to set the stage for your party.

You can also add some colorful drapes, candles, balloons, and cakes, and cookies to make the venue even more lively. There are many cowboy activities that the guests can engage in including singing country music.

#8. Lumberjack Baby Boy Shower Theme

Lumberjack Baby Boy Shower Theme

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The lumberjack theme has become very popular among mothers-to-be because it gives them a cute and unique way to celebrate their baby boys before they come. With this baby boy shower theme, you can incorporate a lot of plaid, evergreen decor elements, and some wild animals.

Use drapes and tabletop fabrics with vintage colors to decorate your venue. Also, welcome your guests with some delicious desserts, including chocolate-covered Oreos, sugar cookies, and many more. Your guests will love to play the lumberjack bingo game.

Sports Baby Shower Themes for Boys

#9. Football Baby Boy Shower Theme

Football Baby Boy Shower Theme

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A sports-inspired baby boy shower theme is always a hit, no matter the setup. For instance, you can use some delicious football whoopie pies with cinnamon cream to welcome your guests. You can also entertain your guests with some baby shower sports bingo. They will definitely get your guests cracking.

Some of the activities that your guests can engage in at the party include some fun games, such as What’s In Your Purse, Baby Bingo, How Sweet It Is, among others.

#10. Basketball Baby Boy Shower Theme

Basketball Baby Boy Shower Theme

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This theme is perfect for parents-to-be who are expecting a baby boy. It becomes even more appropriate if the parents love the game. There are so many themed details you can incorporate in your décor including a cake topped with a basketball, basketball-shaped cupcakes and candies, and more.

You can also decorate the stage with balloons and paint them with the colors of a basketball. Your guests can write their wishes for the parents-to-be on basketballs and play some classic baby shower games, such as guessing the prices of various baby items.

#11. Baseball Baby Boy Shower Theme

Baseball Baby Boy Shower Theme

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The baseball baby shower theme is the best idea for parents-to-be who love baseball. You can bake a cake in the shape and colors of a typical baseball or top the cake with a shape of a baseball. You can also decorate the venue with baseball balloons.

Organize some fun baby shower games for your guests including Guess How Many Candies Are in the Bottle, Who’s That Baby, Baby Stats and Predictions, and many more. You can also treat your guests to some delicious, colorful candies and cupcakes, and other desserts.

In Summary

With all these baby shower themes for boys, I’m sure you have gained some useful ideas to help you make your next baby boy shower party memorable. I also believe that this information will help you to evaluate your baby boy shower party planner before you hire their services.

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