Artificial Intelligence in Online Casino

artificial intelligence in casino

Artificial intelligence technology is one of the latest trends, which has recently been used in various sectors of modern life. What is the peculiarity of this concept and how can it be useful for the gambling entertainment industry? Keep reading to find out more.

When you come across the term “artificial intelligence”, it means that we are talking about intelligent computer programs that have a number of differences from standard software. Their features are the ability to self-learn, analyze large amounts of data, and perform creative tasks that are not subject to conventional programs.

The first artificial intelligence program in the entertainment industry was developed to play checkers. The software was launched in the middle of the last century by the American cybernetician A. Samuel.

After playing a number of games, the system significantly improved its skills and in 1962 won a duel with R. Neely, the strongest drafts player of that time in the United States. This was a breakthrough in the development of this technology and led to massive research in this direction.

Currently, we see significant progress in the improvement of artificial intelligence and the use of completely new solutions. The technology is beginning to be used more and more widely in online gambling, radically changing some aspects of the market.

For example, this concept has found application as an effective method of preventing gambling addiction. In addition, AI helps retain loyal customers by collecting data on player preferences to improve service level.

Identification of players predisposed to gambling addiction

Of course, every online casino and live casino operator wants to make money, but the most respected of them always emphasize a responsible approach to gambling. For top gambling sites, it is important that their customers understand this is just entertainment. A good online casino will not want players to become addicted, as this creates a bad image for the industry.

Many gambling platforms offer various self-limiting tools that make it easier for players to control their games. Artificial intelligence programs are able to quickly identify if a player has an addiction and offer effective methods to solve the problem.

New customer support format

When contacting the online casino support service, you could repeatedly get to the chatbot. Many gambling platforms use such programs to automate customer service.

You may have noticed that these chatbots can sometimes give incorrect answers, so it becomes obvious that you are not talking to a person. Artificial intelligence has a clear advantage over standard bots and can help provide more efficient service.

The technology collects data about user preferences and which links they click on more often. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to predict the actions of the players and offer them the necessary information even before customers ask for help.

Fraud protection

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential for use in the field of gambling site security. These programs minimize the possibility of fraud. If a player starts using dishonest tricks, the system will instantly detect this and block the scammer. This will make online gambling as safe and transparent as possible.

Another innovative technology, virtual reality, can also be used to improve the reliability of online casinos. In combination with artificial intelligence, it will make the process of authenticating and verifying players extremely simple and secure. Instead of going through phone or email verification, you can simply take live photos on your device. The system will compare images with documents and you will get access to the service.

It’s hard to say what the future of artificial intelligence will be because the technology is still in its early stages. The only thing you can be sure of is that this innovation will significantly improve the quality of online games.

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