Hi everyone, and welcome to Sparkous — hopefully, your new favorite blog! My name is Leah J. Hawk, and I sort of run the show here.

That means you can thank me for the articles you really love or curse me for the ones you don’t. Though, I think you’ll find most of the things I post useful, or at least entertaining. After all, when I write, I always try to keep in mind what you’d like to read about.

I want Sparkous to be a positive, fun place that you’ll visit when you need some advice or just want to have fun. That’s why you can find everything here — from relationship advice, home remedies, and life tips to games, jokes, and quotes. Feeling a little under the weather? Sparkous will definitely bring a smile to your face!

But that’s not all I want this blog to be. Above all, I want you to learn something new here and come away feeling good about the time you spent on Sparkous. For that reason, I write educational articles — about science, different cultures, animals, and psychology.

Does this sound like something that’s right up your alley? Then don’t forget to check Sparkous regularly so you wouldn’t miss any of my posts!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


Leah J. Hawk