8 Best Haircuts For Women

8 best haircuts for women

You’re probably tired of your current hairstyle and want to try a new look that will leave everyone wowing. While you can fix a male cut such as a Low Fade for a new change or style a feminine Short Straight, you may also choose to slay a stylish haircut which is more likely to give you all the glamorous vibes you want.

But as you already might have known, there are hundreds of haircuts out there and I know it can be overwhelming to make a choice. To that end, I’ve dived deep into the crowd to bring you the 8 best haircut ideas. Get ready to look sexy and elegant.

1. Wavy Bob

The Bob hairstyle is what I termed ‘Always on trend.’ This hairstyle has been one of the most popular styles in recent years and can be styled in different forms, one of which is the wavy bob. 

It perfectly combines pretty edges and sophistication to give you that hot chic look. 

2. Short Blunt Cut

Are you a victim of hair thinning? I understand how hard it is to choose a hairstyle that will cover up your condition and make you elegant. Cheers! Those bad days are over. A short blunt cut gives your face the perfect frame and makes you bolder.

3. Butterfly Haircut

If you’d love to have short hair styled in the front but don’t want to cut all the length, then the butterfly haircut is a good choice.  This style is becoming more popular due to its simple yet classic look. Attending a party? Rock this haircut with a flowy gown and watch head turns.

4. Pixie Cuts

What’s a list of haircuts without pixie cuts? I know it’s hard to go short, especially if you have a long thick mane but trust us, a well-layered pixie cut is worth it. This is especially if you want that boss lady look. Pixie cuts help eliminate the bulk weight and allow your luscious hair to lay perfectly.

5. Messy Wavy Lob

New to the mid-length hair world? Welcome! I assure you there are thousands of designs, and one of the most beautiful ones is the Messy Wavy Lob. The disconnected and bit curly ends give you a unique and attractive look.  What made it more loved? It doesn’t need much maintenance like short hair but still gives you the fun and beauty that comes with cuts.

6. Bangs

Bangs are one of the hottest haircut styles, and I think you should try them. Bangs are easy to style but give the wearer an alluring look. Well-trimmed bangs frame your face and make your features bold. What more? There are countless bangs styling options for you.

7. Lob

If you’re looking for something straightforward and relaxed, try out Lob cut. This haircut can be styled to your preference with little effort. Lob is classic, modern, attractive, and gives its wearer a cool look.

8. Wavy Balayage Lob

Wavy Balayage is a haircut for every type of face. It brought out your features and brightened up your looks. I bet a wavy balayage lob is the most striking mid-length haircut you’ll ever have! 

In Conclusion

Women enjoy haircuts because they’re decent and require little maintenance. You can always polish your haircuts with styling products and techniques. If you’ve been sticking to one haircut for a long time, I believe the above styles will push you to make an update.  I understand how daunting it is to have dry frizzy hair, here’s a quick guide on how to get back your lustrous shiny mane.

Nicole Middleton
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