6 Must-watch Shows on HBO Max Right Now

6 shows on hbo max

Ever since its inception, HBO Max has maintained a premium status and became a major streaming platform. Similar to other streaming providers, HBO Max has several original shows and movies that are worth watching but also feature some of the best shows and movies to ever be released.

Furthermore, the platform releases specific movies on the very day of their theater release, like Dune. If you haven’t subscribed to HBO Max yet, you are missing out on much binge-worthy content.

While classic movies are an attraction, HBO Max features an assortment of TV shows that caters to myriad preferences and tastes. Before going through the list of top TV shows to watch right now, you must be wondering how to watch HBO Max offline on Mac or Windows.

All you need to do is subscribe to the streaming service and download the episodes of your favorite shows so you can watch them later. The downloaded shows remain for thirty days, but once you’ve watched them, they’ll disappear after 48-hours.

Best shows on HBO Max right now

1. Scenes From a Marriage

Big screen performers have always been attracted to HBO’s event series. It does not get bigger than Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in a modern remake of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage. You’ll also find the original version on HBO Max.

In the modern update, Isaac and Chastain play the role of the married couple, Jonathan and Mira. They’re undeniably in love, but with underlying tensions that eventually boil over and their emotional well-being and union are threatened. The couple has to decide if they should let each go or stay together when love isn’t enough.

2. Folklore

Up for a good scare? If so, Folklore might be the show you’ve been looking for. In conjunction with HBO Asia, Eric Khoo, the series creator, assembled directors and writers from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore to develop an anthology of horror stories. The stories draw upon the mythology of each country.

The very first episode opens with a single mother accidentally inviting the wrath of a vengeful ghost while rescuing her adopted kids, and you can expect more horrifying, chilling stories as you keep watching the show. All the stories have a distinctly Asian perspective.

3. Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Want to tickle your funny bone with a side of sarcasm? Awkwafina is Nora from Queens is the ideal show for you. Awkwafina’s name is Nora Lum, and she is not the epic screw-up that she presents herself as in the show.

In the series, Nora lives with her father and grandmother. She wants to begin her life on her terms, but events get in the way of her plans. She also finds herself extremely jealous when her cousin plans to launch his business.

Even though nothing in her life goes smoothly, it is a hilarious watch.

4. The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a supernatural mystery drama series where 2% of the population in the world disappears, and they’re never to return. The world is left to deal with emotional heartbreaks, and the characters in the show don’t have any definitive answer as to what happened.

Justin Theroux stars as the police chief of Mapletown, New York, losing his sanity. In Nora Durst, he finds a kindred spirit, and their connection is at the core of the series.

5. Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois is a brilliant attempt to make Superman relevant to the modern audience. The inherent goodness of Superman makes him a timeless hero, and this series serves as an effective reminder that makes him so great.

Elizabeth Tullock and Tyler Hoechlin make for an amazing combination as Lois Lane and Clark Kent or Superman. They are a married couple whose union gives strength to both partners.

In this series, the Kents are seen raising two teenage sons after a tragedy brings the family back to Smallville. Unfortunately, there’s already a threat lurking for Superman in his hometown.

6. Warrior

Are you looking for some good old action? Warrior is the martial arts show you need to watch. The show is inspired by the concept created by the legendary Bruce Lee.

Warrior takes place during the 1870s in San Francisco, and Andrew Koji stars as a Chinese immigrant, Ah Sahm. Ah Sahm makes his way to America to find his sister, Mai Ling (Dianne Doan). Surprisingly, Ah Sahm discovers his sister is married to Long Zi (Henry Yuk), a well-known and powerful gang leader.

Also, he finds himself in the middle of a gang war designed to make sure there’s no peace in Chinatown. It is a blessing that Ah Sahm is a trained martial artist because he’ll need those skills to survive.

So, these are some of the shows that you cannot miss on HBO Max. While you’re browsing what to watch next, you can check out the classic TV shows section where you’ll find your all-time favorite Friends and so on.

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