Everything You Should Know About The 4 Personality Types

4 personality types

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Learning more about the 4 personality types can help you better understand yourself and everybody around you.

Some people act by the book, while others seem to be immune to any advice and just go with their instinct. That is not the person’s fault — they are just acting according to their character.

For instance, do you have that one friend who is quick to anger for no apparent reason? They might also be extremely impatient. That could mean they are a Type A personality. It’s pretty easy to tell once you know what to look for.

In this article, I will tell you more about all 4 personality types so that you can learn to easily identify them.

1. Type A Personality

Among the 4 personality types, this is the ‘leader’ (or the leader-wannabe). A person with a Type A personality will act quite impulsively, have a set goal in mind, and rock the ambition to just go for it.

These are just a few of the many identifying traits of a Type A individual. Of course, there are also some cons to this type of personality. For instance, type A’s will often get stressed out easily if they are faced with a situation they cannot solve immediately.

Pros of Having a Type A Personality

• Highly energetic
• Competitive
• Ambitious
• Overachiever
• Can multitask
• Is not afraid of a challenge
• High standards

It’s also worth mentioning that they are perfectionists. However, a Type A person will often take that perfectionism to a level where it can turn into a ‘con.’ It’s never fun having someone work on the same task over and over but never being happy with the result — even though it’s more than they’ve been asked to do.

Cons of Having a Type A Personality

• Impulsive
• Impatient
• Competitive
• Can become a workaholic
• Can easily turn into an overachiever
• They can get overwhelmed by all the tasks they take on (but will never admit it)
• Often have nervous habits
• They find it difficult to relax

The line between pros and cons is very fine in this personality type. Any of the positive qualities in Type A people can easily turn negative if taken too far.

What to Work on if You Have a Type A Personality

Due to their highly energetic nature, relaxing might be the hardest thing to do for someone with a Type A personality. Therefore, you need to learn how to unwind and just chill out. Learn to give yourself a break and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s important to take everything one step at a time.

You might also find it difficult to ask others for help, but if you can’t trust yourself to take breaks regularly, try entrusting the task to your spouse or friends instead. Let them take the reins of the chill train, and go with it when they do. Plan vacations, walks in the park, or any other activities that will let you unwind.

2. Type B Personality

Moving on from the hyperenergetic Type A, we have the exact opposite in the Type B personality. Among the 4 personality types, Type B individuals are the embodiment of ‘chill.’ They are laid-back, tolerant, and find it extremely easy to adapt to new situations.

In some cases, a Type B person might even be called lazy (especially by Type A standards). That is not exactly accurate, but not far off either. People with this personality type tend to procrastinate and enjoy doing relaxing activities rather than pursuing a hard-to-reach goal.

However, despite their laid-back personality, Type B’s are great listeners, will help in any situation (however they can), and give great advice. Their ability to pick up on others’ emotions is impressive, and that can make them thrive in social environments.

Pros of Having a Type B Personality

• Tolerant
• Easy-going
• Stable
• Charismatic, can pick up social cues easily
• They can adapt to any situation with ease
• They give great advice
• Artistic
• They are also creative when it comes to solving problems quickly (can find the easiest solution to the issue at hand)

Do you know the phrase, I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it? It could easily be used to describe a person with a Type B personality.

Cons of Having a Type B Personality

• Too laid-back
• Lazy
• They lack motivation
• Complacent
• Uncompetitive

For example, assigning an important or time-sensitive task to a Type B person might not be the way to go. They will often leave everything for the last moment and then rush it.

What to Work on if You Have a Type B Personality

I believe that Type B people will often find the most success in fields that require creativity. Among the 4 personality types, they are the ones who give invaluable advice, as they can thoroughly analyze various issues. In group projects, they can contribute with creative solutions and despite their lack of (practical) work, the Type B brain is an endless idea mill.

If you struggle to find motivation as a Type B, I would suggest trying something different. For example, when faced with a task you dread, start doing something fun, and then move on to the unpleasant task after you’ve had a break. Another solution would be to reward yourself for every step you take towards carrying out tasks you avoid. That strategy can work wonders; trust me.

3. Type C Personality

A person with a Type C personality will be often confused for Type A. Due to their detail-oriented nature, Type C’s can get so absorbed in their task that it can almost become an obsession. Great attention to detail, cautiousness, and dedication pretty much sum up the Type C person at their workplace.

In their free time, someone with this personality type can be quietly thinking about how they can better themselves, but most take little action to achieve that goal. As they are not great decision-makers, they often falter before taking any big step.

The main way they are different from a Type A person is their work ethic. They are one of the 4 personality types that can focus on a task and carry it out perfectly, without getting distracted. Unlike Type A’s, who easily lose focus, Type C’s can dedicate themselves to a single task and carry it out perfectly.

Pros of Having a Type C Personality

• Perfectionists (but not to an unhealthy degree, unlike Type A)
• Detail-oriented
• Calm and patient
• Consistent
• Reliable
• They can consider every angle to an issue and decide on the best approach

Somebody with this personality type can easily become an employee of the month or equivalent. As time passes, they can grow to be considered role models by many thanks to their work ethic.

For some people, that’s not necessarily a good thing, as the Type C person will find it natural to work so hard towards achieving their goal. For others, however, trying to blindly follow the work ethic of a Type C might prove to be extremely difficult or even impossible.

Cons of Having a Type C Personality

• They can be very critical of themselves and their work
• They can become stressed easily
• Sometimes their cautiousness will make them miss great opportunities

All the self-criticism can sometimes become too much and cause the Type C person to shut down emotionally (or even worse, have a mental breakdown). So, I’d suggest that you learn to do everything in moderation if you’re a Type C.

What to Work on if You Have a Type C Personality?

Just like Type A, Type C’s need to learn to relax. Even though it might seem like all that work dedication comes naturally, deep down it’s wearing them out.

Take a step back, recognize your emotions, and give yourself a break. Also, some rules are made to be broken — don’t be so strict all the time.

4. Type D Personality

Have you ever met someone who is constantly worried, tense, and almost never gets out of their comfort zone? They are probably a Type D.

People with a Type D personality often see the glass as half-empty. They live by some self-imposed rules that don’t make any sense to somebody who doesn’t share the same views. Constantly wanting security in everything they do, a person with Type D personality usually finds a routine and sticks to it.

Pros of Having a Type D Personality

• Routine
• They are sensitive and can be very supportive of people they connect emotionally with
• They make great friends

Many people dislike falling into a routine. For Type D individuals, that’s where they shine the most. Among the 4 personality types, they don’t mind routine and have no issue working in the same place for years. As a result, they find that preferable to changing jobs over and over again.

Cons of Having a Type D Personality

• They often overthink things
• Pessimistic
• Can suffer from depression and other mental disorders
• They tend to be less social
• They lack self-confidence

It is not easy dealing with negative emotions, and for a person with a Type D personality, there are plenty. Therefore, they are pessimistic most of the time. That means they avoid taking action for the simple fear of failing.

What to Work on if You Have a Type D Personality?

There are many issues (honestly, most of them) that can influence a Type D person negatively. Such people need to build more self-confidence and learn to express their emotions. It often helps to keep a notebook at hand where you can write a couple of things that you are grateful for every day.

Ideally, you should find a friend to confide in, or even a specialist (if you are dealing with serious mental disorders) and take baby steps towards building a more social life. Go out for a walk, have dinner at a (not too) crowded restaurant, or even go to a concert. Keep yourself busy with fun things, and eventually your mind will stop assuming the worst.

Of course, not all people with a Type D personality suffer from the issues I mentioned — some overcome them and stay happy. That usually happens once you are content with your workplace and yourself.

What Should I Take Away From All This?

To sum up, people are unique, and so are their personalities. There is no ‘one type fits all’ — you probably have some traits from each of the 4 personality types, with one predominating. You can be mostly Type A but have some characteristics of types B, C, and D.

I suggest that you learn to understand all of them, and when meeting new people assume that they have more than one of the 4 personality types — the chances are, they do.

Nicole Middleton
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